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Tracking Earth Changes with Satellite Images Sebastien Leprince, a graduate student in electrical engineering at the California Institute of Technology, working under the supervision of geology professor and director of Caltech's Tectonics Observatory (TO), Jean-Philippe Avouac, wrote software that correlates any two optical images taken by satellite. It has proved extremely reliable in tracking large-scale changes on Earth's surface, like earthquake ruptures, the mechanics of "slow" landslides, or defining the fastest-moving sections of glaciers that, due to global warming, have recently increased their pace. Read more... 12-14-2007

Caltech Breaks Ground on Annenberg Center The building, designed by the architectural firm Frederick Fisher and Partners in Los Angeles, will serve as home to participants of the IST initiative, a program of interdisciplinary research and instruction that addresses the growth and impact of information as it relates to all science and engineering practices. Researchers in this initiative come from many academic divisions at Caltech. The aim of the new facility is to bring these individuals together to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary research and teaching intrinsic to this emerging academic discipline. Read more... 12-05-2007

Building on six years of record-breaking developments, an international team of physicists, computer scientists, and network engineers led by Caltech joined forces to set new records for sustained data transfer among storage systems during the SuperComputing 2007 (SC07) conference. By combining FDT with FAST TCP, developed by imageProfessor Steven Low, together with an optimized Linux kernel known as the "UltraLight kernel," the team reached an unprecedented throughput level of 10 gigabytes/sec with a single rack of servers, limited only by the speed of the disk systems. Read more... 11-29-2007

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The 2007 rankings by U.S. News and World Report of U.S. graduate programs has placed Caltech in top spots in many areas: Aeronautics (1), Applied Mathematics (3), Chemical Engineering (2), Computer Engineering (6), Electrical Engineering (5), Environmental Engineering (8), Mechanical Engineering (3), and Engineering (7). The annual survey is now available on newsstands and at

In a new Scientific American article entitled "Breaking Network Logjams," Professor imageMichelle Effros and colleagues describe network coding - an approach that could dramatically enhance the efficiency and reliability of communications networks. At its core is the strange notion that transmitting evidence about messages can be more useful than conveying the messages themselves.

Five Distinguished Caltech Alumni to Be Honored At Annual Seminar Day This year's new distinguished alumni are France Córdova, chancellor of UC Riverside who earlier this week was named Purdue University president; Francis A. Dahlen, chairman of the department of geosciences at Princeton University; Ronald W. Davis, professor of biochemistry and genetics and director of the Genome Technology Center at Stanford University; Benjamin M. Rosen, chairman emeritus of Compaq Computer Corporation (received his bachelor of science in electrical engineering in 1954); and Peter W. Shor, professor of applied mathematics at MIT. Read more... 05-11-2007

EE welcomes Azita Emami-Neyestanak to Caltech as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. imageAzita's research interests are in high-performance integrated circuits and systems. She is interested in developing new analog, digital and system-level solutions for building complex systems in highly-scaled and future technologies.

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