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A New Laser for a Faster Internet


From Lab-on-a-Chip to Lab-in-the-Body: The Role of Nanotechnology in the Miniaturization of Medical Diagnostic Tools 11-01-2013

Caltech Names Thomas F. Rosenbaum as New President 10-24-2013

Pushing Microscopy Beyond Standard Limits 07-29-2013

Otis Booth Leadership Chair Established at Caltech 06-28-2013

Counting White Blood Cells at Home 03-26-2013

USC and Caltech Announce International Scholarship Focused on Engineering Global Challenges 03-14-2013

Caltech Ranks High Among Graduate Schools 03-13-2013

Creating Indestructible Self-Healing Circuits 03-11-2013

Disease Diagnosis at the Touch of a Button 02-25-2013


A New Tool for Secret Agents—And the Rest of Us 12-09-2012

Point of Light 12-06-2012

Knowing When to Fold 'Em 11-18-2012

Progress for Paraplegics 10-25-2012

Ready for Your Close-Up? 09-26-2012

Seeing Inside Tissue 06-26-2012

Hardy C. Martel, 85 04-03-2012

Caltech Offers Online Course with Live Lectures in Machine Learning 03-30-2012


Caltech Engineers Build Smart Petri Dish 10-03-2011

Caltech-Led Engineers Solve Longstanding Problem in Photonic Chip Technology 08-04-2011

Caltech Researchers Create the First Artificial Neural Network Out of DNA 06-02-2011

Caltech Research Helps Paraplegic Man Stand and Move Legs Voluntarily 05-19-2011


Caltech Applied Physicist Amnon Yariv Awarded National Medal of Science 05-19-2011

Two Caltech Scientists Named Among 2010 NIH Director's New Innovator Awardees 10-04-2010


Caltech Electrical Engineer Awarded $6 Million to Develop Self-Healing Circuits 04-07-2009

Caltech Researchers Train Computers to Analyze Fruit-Fly Behavior 04-07-2009

Caltech Researchers Build Largest Biochemical Circuit Out of Small Synthetic DNA Molecules 04-07-2009


High Energy Physics Team Sets New Data-Transfer World Records 12-08-2008

Caltech Bioengineers Develop "Microscope on a Chip" 07-28-2008

A New Take on Microbrewing 04-09-2008

New Technique Makes Tissues Transparent 01-28-2008



Tracking Earth Changes with Satellite Images 12-14-2007

Caltech Breaks Ground on Annenberg Center 12-05-2007

High Energy Physicists Set New Record for Network Data Transfer 11-29-2007

Caltech Public Lectures Address Fossil-Fuel Supplies 10-16-2007


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New All-Optical Modulator Paves the Way to Ultrafast Communications and Computing 10-04-2006

Caltech Researchers Announce Inventionof the Optofluidic Microscope 09-05-2006

Caltech Wins Three MURI Awards for 2006 02-24-2006


World Network Speed Record Shattered for Third Consecutive Year 12-06-2005

Kavli Nanoscience Institute Inaugural Symposiumto be Held Monday on Caltech Campus 10-20-2005

Caltech and Cisco Team to Advance Development of FAST Network 09-27-2005

Fellowship for Graduate Students Established 01-14-2005



Internet Speed Quadrupled by International Team During 2004 Bandwidth Challenge 11-24-2004

Media Can Call to Discuss Election: What Worked, What Didn't 11-02-2004

Caltech Launches New Information Initiative 10-29-2004

Students at Caltech Summer Camp Explore Future Types of Computers 07-09-2004

New Caltech Center Receives $8 Million for Research on New Types of Optical Devices 07-29-2004

White House Names Three from Caltech Faculty as Presidential Early Career Award Winners 05-04-2004

Caltech Engineers Design a Revolutionary Radar Chip 02-09-2004



Caltech computer scientists develop FAST protocol to speed up Internet 03-18-2003

Internet Voting to Get a Closer Look 10-10-2003



Caltech to be part of $15.5-million federal grantto understand how living cells communicate 08-05-2002

Caltech Faculty Named Top Innovators 05-17-2002

Caltech Professor to Speak on Giving Vision to Machines 04-19-2002

Caltech's Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series 01-21-2002



Impact of Caltech's Computer Science OptionCelebrated with 25th Anniversary Symposium 03-30-2001



NSF funds new Institute for Quantum Information at Caltech 09-13-2000

Caltech Announces Winnersof Annual Business Plan Competition 05-15-2000

Caltech scientists develop first microscopic systemof pumps and valves made from soft materials 04-06-2000

Caltech Professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa Awarded Kuwait State Award 01-11-2000

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