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Subhonmesh Bose
An Integrated Design Apporach to Power Systmes: From Power Flows to Electricity Markets

Steven Bowers
Dynamically Controllable Integrated Radiation and Self-Correcting Power Generation in mm-Wave Circuits and Systems

Jay Chang
Wireless Parylene-Based Retinal Implant

Shou Han
Optimal uncertainty Quantification via Convex Optimization and Relaxation

Tian Lan
Studies of Phonon Anharmonicity in Solids

Seung Lee
Bright-Field and Flourescence Chip-Scale Microscopy for Biological Imaging

Imran Malik
Point of Care Molecular Diagnostics for Humanity

Muhammad Mujeeb-U-Rahman
Integrated Microsystems for Wireless Sensing Applications

Aditya Rajagopal
Micro-fabricated Tools and Engineering Methods for Sensing Bioanalytes

Penvipha Satsanarukkit
Development of Integrated Parylene Fluidic Devices for Use as a Microbial Monitoring System in Wastewater Treatment

Scott Steger
A Fundamental Approach to Phase Noise Reduction in Hybrid Si/III-V Lasers

Yu Zhao
Flexible Micro Implants for in vivo Sensing

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Aristotelis Asimakopoulos
Macroscopically Dissipative Systems with Underlying Microscopic Dynamics: Properties and Limits of Measurement

Chieh-feng Chang
Wafer-Scalable Fabrication of Metal Nanostructures for Plasmonics-Assisted Biomedical Sensing Applications

Kaushik Dasgupta
Self-Healing Techniques for RF and mm-Wave Transmitters and Receivers

Ran Duan
Instrumentation for Kinetic-Inductance-Detector-Based Submillimeter Radio Astronomy

Eyal En Gad
Rewriting Schemes for Flash Memory

Lingwen Gan
Distributed Load Control in Multiphase Radial Networks

Carlos Roberto González Palacios
Optimal Data Distributions in Machine Learning

Chao Han
Wide Field-of-View Microscopes and Endoscopes for Time-Lapse Imaging and HighThroughput Screening

Andrew Peter Homyk

Scalable Methods for Deterministic Integration of Quantum Emitters in Photonic Crystal Cavities

Dongyang Kang
MEMS for Diabetic Retinopathy

Mandheerej Singh Nandra
Microelectrode Implants for Spinal Cord Stimulation in Rats

Samet Oymak
Convex Relaxation for Low-Dimensional Representation: Phase Transitions and Limitations

Alex Hao-Yu Pai
Sensing and Actuation from Biology to Electronics

Mayank Raj
Injection Locked Clocking and Transmitter Equalization Techniques for Chip to Chip Interconnects

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