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image Babak Hassibi

Gordon M. Binder/Amgen Professor of Electrical Engineering

B.S., University of Tehran, 1989
M.S., Stanford University, 1993
Ph.D., Stanford University, 1996

Office: 162B Moore Laboratory
Mail Code: 136-93
Phone: (626) 395-4810

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Professor Hassibi's research is in communications, signal processing, and control. He is currently most interested in wireless communications, especially in the use of multiple-antenna systems, where he has studied both the information-theoretic and coding-theoretic aspects of such systems, as well as devised practical high-rate space-time transmission schemes. Other research interests include: adaptive signal processing and neural networks; blind channel equalization; statistical signal processing; robust estimation and control, especially connections between robustness and adaptation; and linear algebra, with emphasis on fast algorithms, random matrices and group representation theory.

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