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Research The faculty of the Electrical Engineering Option are involved in investigations spanning a broad spectrum of theoretical and real-world problems. Some of our core areas are listed below.

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Research Centers

Caltech Center for Advanced Computing ResearchKavli Nanoscience InstituteLee Center for Advanced NetworkingMolecular Programming ProjectInstitute for Quantum Information and MatterInformation Science and Technology


Research Areas
Bio-Electronics and Bio-Optics
Azita Emami, Ali Hajimiri, Axel Scherer, Yu-Chong Tai, Changhuei Yang
Circuits and VLSI
Azita Emami, Ali Hajimiri, Christof Koch (Computation and Neural Systems), Alain Martin (Computer Science), Axel Scherer, Yu-Chong Tai
Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck, Michelle Effros, Ali Hajimiri, Babak Hassibi, P.P. Vaidyanathan
Joel Burdick (Mechanical Engineering), John Doyle, Babak Hassibi, Steven Low, Jerry Marsden (Control and Dynamical Systems), Richard Murray (Control and Dynamical Systems)
Ali Hajimiri, Axel Scherer, Yu-Chong Tai, Changhuei Yang, Amnon Yariv
Electromagnetics, Optics, and Optoelectronics
Azita Emami, Axel Scherer, Changhuei Yang, Amnon Yariv
Steven Low, David Rutledge
Images and Vision
Alan Barr (Computer Science), Michelle Effros, Christof Koch (Computation and Neural Systems), Pietro Perona, P.P. Vaidyanathan. Also see Richard Andersen (Computation and Neural Systems) and John Allman (Computation and Neural Systems).
Information Theory
Yaser Abu-Mostafa, Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck, Michelle Effros, Babak Hassibi, P.P. Vaidyanathan
Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Neural Networks
Yaser Abu-Mostafa, Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck, Andreas Krause (Computer Science), Pietro Perona
MEMS and Micromachining
Axel Scherer, Yu-Chong Tai
Networks and Wireless Communication
Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck, Ali Hajimiri, Babak Hassibi, Steven Low, Adam Wierman (Computer Science)
RF, Microwave Circuits and Antennas
Azita Emami, Ali Hajimiri, Sander Weinreb
Joel Burdick (Mechanical Engineering), Pietro Perona
Signal Processing
Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck, Michelle Effros, Babak Hassibi, Pietro Perona, P.P. Vaidyanathan

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